Policies in returning

I. Acceptable reasons for returning

  • The products are damaged during the delivery.
  • The products that you receive does not comply with the ones you have ordered. 
  • The product has expired before or on the delivery date.
  • The product is damaged due to the manufacturer's fault (technical mistakes, errors in design, content, hidden/ internal errors, be unlike the manufacturer's published quality standards).
  • If your goods meet the time requirements for returning (see the table below).


Time to request a refund after receiving the goods


Vegetables, tubers, fruits, fresh foods

Request at the time of receipt

The delivery staff confirms the return request

Dairy products

12 hours

Store in the Refrigerator

Frozen foods

12 hours

Store in the Freezer

Fabricated foods

12 hours

Store in the Refrigerator

Dried foods

2 days

Store in a dry and airy place


II. Process of returning

  • Customers call to hotline +84 912 057 845 to request a return.
  • Notify staffs of the invoice number and items to be returned.
  • Happy Trade’s staff confirms the demand for a return.
  • Returned products must include Happy Trade’s VAT Invoice.
  • The returned product must remain intact as original condition when you received it.
  • Products that are required to be returned must pass the quality check. Happy Trade will return you new products or refund 100% of the total value of the order within 3 days if it meets the requirements.
  • Notify the customer of completing the procedure of return and exchange.

III. Cost of returning

  • Customers get free ship for delivery to the address in the request form with the returned and exchanged products due to the faults of Happy Trade or Suppliers.
  • For products exchanged due to changes in customers’ demand (not applied to all food items), customers have to pay shipping charges to deliver the package to Happy Trade's address.
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