Payment Guide


I. Payment:

Buyers and sellers can refer to the following payment methods and choose to apply the appropriate method:

  • Method 1: Pay on delivery (COD - delivery and take place) COD stands for Cash On Delivery, meaning payment upon delivery. With this payment method, you pay cash to the delivery staff as soon as you receive your order. We accept payment on delivery (COD) for all orders nationwide
  • Method 2: Online payment via bank transfer

For each payment method selected, Buyers make payment and purchase costs (called "money") to the shipper or make payment via payment card.

II. Use discount code:

  • Each order can only apply 1 discount code, you will receive detailed information about terms and conditions of using the discount code attached. To ensure fairness for customers of Happy Trade's end consumers, we reserve the right to refuse orders that are not intended for personal use, purchase in bulk or for the purpose of purchasing or selling. again.

  • Happy Trade reserves the right to reject orders using a discount code that does not satisfy the terms and conditions of using the discount code without prior notice. Discount codes in this case will not be reissued. In addition, Happy Trade reserves the right to refuse to extend the expired code, the code must not be used up or unilateral cases to stop the execution of orders arising from customers..

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