Happy Trade is a public site where consumers can find and meet honest producers.

Benefits for customers

  • 100% able to check the source of foods.
  • Search for suppliers and products with your own needs(seek in the list)
  • Community recommend and share information about the source of product from experts and reliable source of information.
  • Customers give comments and reviews about producers as well as products.
  • Buy the products directly from producers with the best prices.
  • Contribute to the consumption to develop production community.

Join in developing the community

Happy trade is a site for the community; therefore, we welcome all the contribution from collaborators in any sectors.

Consumers: Recommend the source of safe food you are consuming for Happy Trade. Happy Trade will contact with your concerning suppliers to examine the license and production process. If they meet the requirement, their name will appear in Happy Trade.

Contact us here and we can chat more.

Producers and Suppliers: We welcome all safe food producers and suppliers to work with us. Contact us and Happy Trade will study and work with you. 

Contact us here and we can chat more.

Technical professors and Collaborators from any business sectors: Are you a technical professor? Are you a nutrition expert? You are good at marketing, sales, supplying, shipping, or just a tree lover and you want to contribute to a safe food community?

Contact us here and we can chat more.




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