Operation process

Happy Trade ensures product quality through a process of working closely with gardeners and producers.

In addition to supporting gardeners to distribute products, Happy Trade also strictly controls the production process of gardeners to deliver the best products.
1. Information survey: Happy Trade will survey information from gardeners and garden related sources. For each garden house to be a long-term companion, Happy Trade interviews and learns about gardeners to confidently grow in the garden.
2. Verification of information: This is the next necessary step after surveying. Verify the origin, verify the records, the certificate of quality certification, verify the production process documentation, verify the supplier image. All of these steps are to ensure that the product not only achieves qualitative but even quantitative results. With a well-financed but narrow financial garden, Happy Trade also contributes a small amount of financial support to growers to do the necessary tests.
3. Verification in the garden: The Happy Trade house will have a field survey at the supplier's source. In this step, the Happy Trade house engineers will take actual quality control at the garden house. Contribute necessary ideas for gardeners to adjust.
4. Sample random testing: these are random samples of a certain product, both in terms of sample testing and actual survey. This step within Happy Trade is called a cross-checking step to control quality risks.

In addition, Happy Trade also groups suppliers according to different criteria to help consumers easily choose according to their requirements. Learn more about how to classify suppliers here
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