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Product information

Officially entering the Vietnam market in 1998, after more than 7 years of carrying out many researches, Binca has launched the first and only organic Pangasius bocourti farm in the world - Binca Organic Farm (2005). Binca Vietnam is a model of shrimp and fish farming based on organic standards in An Giang and Ca Mau. This is the first company in Vietnam has achieved both EU organic certification Naturland and Fair Trade certification. These are two certifications of supporting the development of farmers in farming areas, specifically as follows:

-         Do not abuse children, encourage children to go to school.

-         Build a fair relationship between buyers and growers.

-         Support long-term lives so that farmers can self-develop and minimize poverty.

The main product of Binca is organic seafood products that have been sold in many supermarkets in Switzerland, Sweden, Germany and so on. These countries have strict regulations on organic products.

Binca seafood products such as yellowtail catfish, tiger shrimp are cultured in the natural environment and not used industrial food, antibiotics, growth pills or any other growth substances in the feeding process.

Shrimp and fish are grown according to EU organic standards so they are firm and natural sweet. Consumers can easily cook delicious dishes depending on each person's taste and provide abundant nutrients for muscle.

Production area: An Giang and Ca Mau.

Products provided: Tiger shrimp, yellowtail catfish



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