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Product information

Viet Pepper Manufacturer introduction

Viet Pepper Manufacturer (Viet Pepper) is known as a company specializing in the production of organic spices and organic ingredients that are good for health users such as black pepper, skull pepper, cinnamon, anise ... All the process of producing these spices is strict under control from caring for cultivation, harvesting to processing to finished products. Spices are grown in an organic way without using any kind of chemical fertilizers, growth stimulants or preservatives. Viet Pepper's organic black pepper and organic pepper products have been certified as organic products according to European and American standards such as EU and USDA.

Today, pepper types of Vietnam Pepper Company (Viet Pepper) are grown in the capital of pepper - Gia Lai and Dak Lak. Here, the company will support farmers to cultivate crops according to organic standards and conduct product consumption at a stable price.

 With the determination to bring high-quality pepper to the world market, in recent years, Viet Pepper has constantly tried and brought Vietnamese branded organic products to foreign markets. Initial success has been achieved. Organic pepper is highly appreciated by foreign experts because it has a spicy flavor and high oil content. It also contains many good nutrients for the body and can help treat some chronic diseases.

Production area

Raw materials are grown in NamYang commune, Dak Doa district, Gia Lai province and Ea Ral commune, Ea H’leo district, Dak Lak province.


Viet Pepper products (Viet Pepper):

55g organic black pepper

Organic skull (grain) 55g

Cinnamon sticks 20g


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