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Product information

Yoshimoto clean white button mushroom has a sweet, fatty and crunchy taste. It can be eaten raw. They contain many proteins which are good for human health: vegetarians, pregnant women and young children. Besides, it is also a nutritious plant with great benefits for health like reducing fatigue, being good for those who suffer from chronic bronchitis, chronic hepatitis, leukopenia .. 

  • Price: 65,000VND


Nutrition facts in 100g of Yoshimoto white mushrooms:

2.9g protid

0.2g lipid (fat)

2.4g glucid

0.6g fiber

0.11mg of vitamin B1

0.16mg of vitamin B2

4mg of vitamin C

Benefits of white button mushrooms

Abundant source of antioxidants

Antioxidants have a great effect on destroying free radicals, reducing the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Eating regularly will help your body limit wrinkles and slow down aging process ... In addition, high levels of antioxidants also contribute to repelling diabetes risk

Lower cholesterol levels

When cholesterol content in liver is excessive, it can cause fatty liver disease (a common disease in obese people)

Prevent blood lipid disorder

100g Yoshimoto white button mushrooms contain 0.2g of lipid (fat), which help improve blood lipid disorder in our body.

Suitable for pregnant women and young children

Produced according to organic safety standards, it is suitable for both pregnant women and young children. Abundant source of nutrients provides the necessary micronutrients for pregnant women. It also contains a lot of protein, thus providing a good source of energy for the body as well as reducing fatigue and drowsiness of pregnant women during morning sickness.

Improve indigestion and constipation

It is suitable for people who are experiencing indigestion or frequent constipation thanks to high fiber content. Fiber supports the digestive system very well, thereby stimulates appetite and prevent discomfort caused by indigestion.

Production process

Grown organically without any use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and additives. The main raw material to plant Yoshimoto white button mushrooms is straw taken completely from cultivated paddle fields. They follow strict standards combined with fermentation process from Japan, which provides consumers nutritious and safe products.




Production region: Lam Dong, Vietnam

Methods of preservation

Store in a cool, dry place, avoid direct sunlight or can put in the refrigerator compartment at a temperature between 1 - 5 degrees C, do not tie the plastic bags. Yoshimoto white mushrooms are through the clean production process, so you do not need to wash, just use a towel with diluted bittern to wipe the mushrooms before processing if necessary. It can be chopped depending on your liking before processing.


White fat mushrooms eat right away

With a clean planting process without using any chemicals, the white mushrooms can be eaten immediately without worrying about the quality.


Clean white mushrooms provided by Happy Trade are very safe

Yoshimoto clean white mushroom soup


Yoshimoto clean nutritious white mushroom soup

Supplier information

Yoshimoto Mushroom Company was established in 1967 in Japan. By 2016, the mushroom factory was inaugurated in Lam Dong. It was granted a certificate of food safety by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

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